Keeping Ahead of the Curve: Gender, Identity and Coaching

Aug 28, 2018 18:00 -
Aug 15, 2018 20:30 UTC
Regents University , Inner Cir, London NW1 4NS, UK

We are delighted to announce a unique evening workshop on Gender, Identity and Coaching with Yael Nevo, a gender consultant and researcher.

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Gender dynamics are all around us. They influence everything from our most intimate choices to global events. Society is changing and gender norms are being challenged more than ever, demanding a need and readiness for a paradigm shift on gender relations.

Research and analysis conducted by Yael reveals that gender is a complicated social system. To put it simply, it is a way to organise society according to roles. Gender influences a wide range of social aspects from the most intimate individual identity and sexuality to big political world events.

Join Yael, as she explores how we as can stay ahead of the curve and formulate ideas to navigate this ever more fluid field. In this workshop, Yael will share with us her understanding of what gender influences there are, terms to label them and how to identify if a client is having challenges around this topic.

Together you will explore “Gender discourse”- how gender does not match our biological sex and the impact this has on both coaches and clients.

This workshop is aimed at coaches who are in-training or have qualified and want to gain an understanding of how gender may be affecting their clients and their own perceptions and biases.

Using three key models, this interactive workshop will help coaches to have a deeper understanding of how gender affects both themselves and their clients. You’ll learn:

  • Gender glossary

  • Gendered values

  • Gendered story-telling

With these three models as your guide, you’ll explore:

  • How to explore patterns of behaviour, perception and self-identity unconsciously shaped by gender and the social assumptions around gender

  • A range of terms to assist in identifying and explaining when a client is facing issues around gender

  • What “gender values” are and how values, often labelled “masculine” and “feminine”, influence everyday life and how these may be showing up for clients

  • How “gender discourse” might increasingly form part of your coaching journeys and how you might approach this with your client

  • The ability to use gender as a self-reflective tool, giving you an additional layer of self-awareness and an ability to notice when your own unconscious gender biases are at play.

Yael Nevo has been engaged in gender-related work and study for over fifteen years and holds an MSc in Gender and Human Rights. She is also Co-Founder of Genderscope - an award-winning gender consultancy.

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