Planning day to move School coaching project forward

Feb 04, 2018 11:00 - 17:00 UTC
Rubedo, 35 Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, London N16 0NX, UK
7 people are attending
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Meeting to discuss the way forward and make a plan among commited members

- We will review together vision documents shared on google Drive (in teams of 3 potentially)

- Each team will give a brief outline of their findings: key points and action plan

- Review altogether what the project is going to look like

- Go over action list and who does what

- Discuss potential blocks and forseeable issues

- Decide on what to do next, potentially a new skype call or meeting, time and date to be decided


We will be based in a restaurant (which will be open only for us) where we can set tables and chairs for our meeting (no food nor drinks will be provided). we can bring back food to share lunch together (so please bring pack lunch if necessary).

To be able to attend, we will need to have received your document on google Drive by mid January. Any questions please comment below. All information can be sent by email upon request.

Many thanks,


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