The Future of Coaching: Animas Symposium with Hetty Einzig

Jan 16, 2018 19:00 - 21:30 UTC
The Modern Pantry, St John's Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JJ, UK

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Eventbrite - The Future of Coaching: A Private-Dining Symposium with Hetty Einzig

We are thrilled to bring Hetty Einzig to our Animas Symposium private dining and talk experience.

Author of "The Future of Coaching", Hetty will share where she sees coaching going and how we as practitioners, and as a profession, need to respond to this.

Recognising that coaches are dealing with ever greater complexity, the full range of human experiences and new and emerging coaching markets, Hetty explores the repositioning of coaching as a space of dialogue, meaning-making and self-awareness.

A key influencer within the Assocation for Coaching, an editor of Global Perspectives the cutting edge coaching journal, a co-creator of the late Sir John Whitmore's programme on Transpersonal Coaching and a highly successful executive coach and therapist, Hetty has a finger on the pulse of coaching and brings a depth to both practice and theory.

Join for what will be a stimulating evening of talk, camraderie and entertainment.

About Animas Sympoisums

Animas Symposiums are wonderful opportunities to meet and eat with likeminded coaching colleagues or those working in this space.  As well as giving a fabulous opportunity to hear from leading lights in the field, it's also a simply an amazing chance to break bread and drink wine with people who share your passion for our profession.

Combining a two course meal and wine/soft drink with a great guest speaker is our fun attempt to emulate the original ancient Greek origins of the Symposium best typified by Plato's classic work in which Socrates, Alcibiades, Aristophanes and others, indulge their passion for philosophy and they enjoy their appetite for wining and dining.

As the saying goes, in vino veritas.

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