Mindfulness for a Volatile World: 7 Unchanging Attitudes for a Changing World

Sep 27, 2017 19:00 - 20:30 BST
Double Tree by Hilton, 92 Southampton Way, London WC1B 4BH, UK
3 people are attending (1 external)
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Mindfulness for a Volatile World: 7 Unchanging Attitudes for a Changing World

It seems that everywhere we look there is rapid, unsettling change. In politics, the economy, technology and the nature of the modern workforce. Even once unquestioned notions such as gender are now debated.

Everything seems to be changing. And changing fast.

But through all this, one thing remains the same. Human beings are emotional beings! We experience this change in ways that disconcert us, excite us, make us angry and righteous, bore us, scare us, and any number of other emotions that beset us.

We navigate through the changing landscape with our hopes and aspirations, our fears and overwhelm, facing the double-edged sword of uncertainty and possibility at every turn.

In this talk, mindfulness practitioner and trainer Emily Johnston will share the seven attitudes of mindfulness and how they can support us to live actively and powerfully through this time of change and tumult.

Far from being a withdrawal from the world into calm, mindfulness enables us to be more consciously and choicefully active in the world - facing change with resilience, positivity and great objectivity to lead a powerful life in time of change.

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